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Walt Disney’s bloom had been breakable for abounding months afore he assuredly agreed to access St. Joseph hospital in California on 2 November 1966, for tests apropos the affliction in his leg and neck. Doctors apparent a walnut-sized atom on the x-ray of his larboard lung and brash actual surgery.

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Disney larboard the hospital to arise to flat business for a few days, again re-entered St. Joseph on Sunday, November 6, for anaplasty the abutting day. During Monday morning’s operation, doctors begin his larboard lung to be annihilative and removed it. His colossal lymph nodes were an adumbration that Disney hadn’t abundant best to live.

After two weeks of post-operative care, Disney was arise from the hospital. He beyond the artery to his studios and spent addition ten canicule disposed to flat business and visiting ancestors afore he grew too anemic and had to acknowledgment to St. Joseph on November 30. His bloom started to abort alike added rapidly than expected, and drugs and azure treatments sapped what little backbone he had left. Walt Disney died two weeks afterwards aback his circulatory arrangement burst on the morning of December 15, 1966.

In the decades aback Walt Disney’s death, the affirmation that he abiding for his anatomy to be arctic has become ubiquitous. Nearly anybody accustomed with the name ‘Walt Disney’ has heard the adventure that Disney’s anatomy is stored in a deep-freeze alcove about — anon beneath Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” allure is the best frequently mentioned armpit — apprehension the day aback science could adjustment the accident to his anatomy and accompany ‘Uncle Walt’ aback to life.

Was Walt Disney acquainted of the possibilities of activity addendum through cryogenics? He absolutely could accept been acquainted of the advance actuality bogus in cryogenics research. Abundant accessories and books on hypothermia and the canning of beastly tissue through freezing appeared in both the scientific/medical and accepted columnist in the backward 1950’s and aboriginal 1960’s. Anyone with an absorption in the accountable could calmly accept amid this account material, and alike addition afterwards a accurate absorption in the accountable may accept run beyond one or added accessories on the affair in the accepted press.

The accountable of cryonics was added brought to the public’s absorption with the advertisement in 1964 of Robert C.W. Ettinger’s book, The Prospect of Immortality. Ettinger’s book, animation on abundant of the accessible abstract about cryonics, covered the practical, legal, ethical, and moral appulse of freezing and animating animal beings. Ettinger, while acceptance that science had as yet no way of animating arctic animal beings, was unflaggingly optimistic that a applicable agency of downtime would eventually be found, cogent his readers:

The fact: At actual low temperatures it is possible, appropriate now, to bottle asleep bodies with about no deterioration, indefinitely.

The assumption: If acculturation endures, medical science should eventually be able to adjustment about any accident to the animal body, including freezing accident and aged decrepitude or added account of death.

Hence we charge alone align to accept our bodies, afterwards we die, stored in acceptable freezers adjoin the time aback science may be able to advice us. No amount what kills us, whether old age or disease, and alike if freezing techniques are still awkward aback we die, eventually or afterwards our accompany of the approaching should be according to the assignment of animating and abating us.

Given the prevalence of accessories arise about cryonics in the mid-1960’s, and the about acceptance of Ettinger’s book amid science buffs (even if few of them had absolutely apprehend it), it is absolutely accessible that Walt Disney was acquainted of the adeptness of cryonic accumulator of humans.

Whatever the possibilities, however, there is no documentary affirmation to advance that Walt Disney was absorbed in, or had alike heard of, cryonics. Affidavit of Disney’s declared allure with attention or extending his activity through cryonics did not arise until decades afterwards his death, and what little advice is accessible has predominantly been provided by some acutely ambiguous sources.

Claims about Disney’s absorption appear primarily from two of the added contempo Disney biographies: Robert Mosley’s 1986 effort,Disney’s World, and Marc Eliot’s 1993 entry, Walt Disney — Hollywood’s Dark Prince. Both books accept been abundantly discredited for absolute abundant absolute errors and undocumented assertions, apprehension them rather capricious as sources of reliable accomplishments material.

Eliot’s biography, which dwells atrociously on every blue adventure and rumor affiliated with Walt Disney’s name, is adequately accessible to dismiss. Charitably declared as “speculative,” it contains a distinct access apropos Walt Disney’s declared absorption in cryonics:

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Disney Quotes Wallpapers – Top Free Disney Quotes Backgrounds | Disney Background Quotes

Disney’s growing captivation with his own bloodshed additionally led him to analyze the science of cryogenics, the freezing of an crumbling or ill actuality until such time as the animal anatomy can be active and adequate to health. Disney about mused to Roy about the angle of conceivably accepting himself frozen, an abstraction which accustomed … indulgent nods from his brother …

Not surprisingly, the antecedent abaft this allotment of advice is boilerplate to be begin in Eliot’s notes. And as there is no almanac of Roy anytime accepting appear of his brother’s declared absorption in cryonics, Eliot’s “source” was acceptable annihilation added than alliteration of rumor.

Mosley’s Disney’s Apple is additionally rather continued on rumor and abbreviate on facts. The book has been declared as “poorly researched and abounding with inaccuracies”, a adventures that seemed “to advance assertive preset credibility of view, behindhand of evidence”. The aforementioned appraisal goes on to say, “One of its axial themes, for example, is Disney’s allure with cryogenesis and the able advancement that his anatomy was arctic afterward his death. It makes for absorbing reading; however, few facts abutment Mosley’s claims”.

Disney’s Apple paints a account of an afraid Walt Disney badly analytic for a way to bounce aback to activity in adjustment to anticipate or actual the abhorrent mistakes his followers were apprenticed to achieve in axis his EPCOT dream into reality:

[T]he arch botheration that afflicted Walt was the breadth of time it ability booty the doctors to absolute the process. How continued would it be afore the surgical experts could accompany a advised anatomy aback to animate life? To be atrociously practical, could it be guaranteed, in fact, that he could be brought aback in time to adjust the mistakes his breed would about absolutely alpha authoritative at EPCOT the moment he was dead?

Mosley’s book is abounding with repetitions of the affirmation that Walt Disney grew added absorbed in cryonics as his bloom waned in backward 1966, such as this paragraph:

It was about this time that Walt Disney became acquainted with the abstracts into the action accepted as cryogenesis, or what one bi-weekly termed “the freeze-drying of the animal anatomy afterwards death, for closing resuscitation.”

Mosley’s statements apropos Disney’s acceptance in the achievability of cryonics are somewhat difficult to booty seriously, accustomed that his book includes such absurdly erroneous (or fabricated) statements as:

The surgeons had taken abroad his afflicted lung to appraise it, and again were activity to bottle it. Walt was admiring aback he heard that. He knew abundant about cryogenesis by now to be acquainted that it was important to authority assimilate all the organs — aloof in case the surgeons bare to amusement them afore putting them aback area they belonged.

(Samples of tissue removed during blight anaplasty are preserved in formaldehyde, a adjustment of “preservation” which, while advantageous for microscopy studies, amercement the tissue biologically. Organs removed from Disney by his surgeons could never be “put aback area they belonged”, no amount what the treatment.)

Mosley provides no antecedent for his statements, added than to advance that Disney’s “closest colleagues and advisers” were “confident” that Walt Disney “eventually became assertive of cryogenesis as a applicable medical action and was abiding that, alike in 1966, it was accessible for a animal actuality to accept himself brought aback to activity afterwards death”. In fact, these “close colleagues” of Disney’s angry out to be a few advisers on the ambit of the Disney alignment who had never appear to Walt about cryonics, and were alone repeating the aforementioned decades-old rumor for Mosley’s benefit. On the added hand, addition abundant afterpiece to Walt Disney, his daughter, Diane wrote in 1972: “There is absolutely no accuracy to the rumor that my father, Walt Disney, admired to be frozen. I agnosticism that my ancestor had anytime heard of cryonics.”

Despite the assiduous rumors, accessible affidavit indicates that Walt Disney was in actuality cremated. Although Disney’s preferences apropos the auctioning of his anatomy are not accessible record(instructions or accoutrement for his burying and burying were not included in his will), added publicly-available actual is absolutely constant with the affirmation that he was cremated:

o Walt Disney about declared — ten years afore his afterlife — that he admired not to accept a funeral.

o Disney ancestors assembly accept accepted that burying was Walt’s wish.

o Disney’s afterlife affidavit shows that he was cremated two canicule afterwards his death. The name, authorization number, and signature of the enbalmer actualization on the afterlife affidavit are those of a absolute enbalmer who was active at the Forest Lawn mortuary at the time.

o A apparent burying artifice for Walt Disney (and added ancestors members) can be begin at the Forest Lawn Memorial Esplanade in Glendale (the analytic comatose area for addition whose burying was handled by Forest Lawn’s mortuary), and cloister affidavit announce that the Disney acreage paid $40,000 to Forest Lawn for burying property.

Since Disney’s demise, several unmremarkable contest and affairs surrounding his activity and afterlife accept been accumulated to try to authorize a arrangement of abstruseness and aloofness apropos the auctioning of his body. All of these events, however, accept straightforward, non-mysterious explanations:

o “Disney had a continued captivation with death”o “Disney had a aberrant abhorrence of death”

Statements apropos Disney’s declared captivation with afterlife are about attempts to sensationalize the affair by distorting the facts. Although he did anguish about dying prematurely, Disney was not “obsessed with death”. Supposedly accepting been told by a augur that he would die aback he was thirty-five, Disney reportedly brooded about his assured annihilation during casual bouts of depression, alike afterwards he had continued anesthetized the allegedly baleful age. Contemplating one’s bloodshed is not an abnormal behavior, and there is no affirmation that Walt Disney did so to an boundless degree.

William Poundstone quotes some antic passages from Anthony Haden-Guest’s The Paradise Program to try to authorize Disney’s captivation with death, account a “gruesome seven minute Mickey Mouse cartoon” bogus in 1933 in which “a mad scientist tries to cut off Pluto’s arch and put in on a chicken. The animation in catechism is The Mad Doctor, which was annihilation added than amusing bluff of 1930’s abhorrence films. Alike in the animation itself the “horrific” contest are not portrayed as real: the accomplished adventure turns out to be annihilation added than a daydream of Mickey’s.

Although Poundstone wrote that the blur was pulled from the Rank blur library in 1970, it has been readily accessible on home video releases aback then.

o “The account of Disney’s afterlife was advisedly delayed.”

This affirmation that the advertisement of Walt Disney’s afterlife was advisedly withheld from the columnist for several hours has been bogus best persistently, apparently because Disney’s aides would accept bare time to furtively barrel his anatomy abroad from the hospital to the abstruse cryogenic alcove afore the appearance of reporters bogus the assignment cool to achieve in privacy. Leonard Mosley’s description of the accident appearance some of added cool stretches of accuracy bogus in this regard:

And this is area the abstruseness begins. It was Walt himself who had asked Roy Disney to accumulate his affliction secret, but the address in which the apple was acquainted of his afterlife charcoal surprising.

In fact, it was not until hours afterwards he was declared asleep that an advertisement was made. Aboriginal came radio announcements, again a blunt official apprehension abreast the columnist and accessible that Walt Disney was no more. It added that there would be no funeral. He had already been cremated, the advertisement said, and his ashes interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Esplanade in Glendale, California. Alone actual ancestors assembly had been present.

It is accurate that Disney’s afterlife was not clearly appear to the columnist until several hours afterwards it occurred at 9:30 AM on Thursday, December 15, 1966, but the affidavit abaft the adjournment were altogether accustomed ones. Aboriginal of all, Disney’s afterlife would not accept been appear anon beneath any circumstances: Several ancestors assembly had to be notified afore a accessible advertisement could be made, and Disney flat admiral had to be amid and abreast that the arch of their alignment had anesthetized abroad afore the advice would be arise to the press. Additionally, the force of Disney’s affliction had abundantly been kept a abstruse from the press, so there were no hordes of reporters bottleneck the hallways of St. Joseph Hospital, cat-and-mouse for the assured advertisement of his death.

The acumen for Disney’s aboriginal analysis had been appear to the columnist as “treatment of an old close abrasion accustomed while arena polo,” and aback Disney re-entered the hospital for the final time two weeks afore his death, the account bogus to the columnist was that Disney was ability “a accepted post-operative” checkup. Although it was absolutely no abstruse that Disney was absolutely ill, the calmness of his action was not about known.

The admeasurement to which the capacity of Walt Disney’s affliction were kept from the columnist are apparent by the newspapers letters of his death, which declared that his larboard lung had been removed during an operation on November 21 (an absurdity which Poundstone repeats in Big Secrets). That operation had absolutely taken abode two weeks earlier; November 21 was the date of his aboriginal post-surgery absolution from the hospital.

So, accustomed that ancestors and flat active had to be notified afore any statements about Disney’s afterlife were bogus to the press; that the media were not on a “Disney afterlife watch,” busily advancing obituaries and tributes; and that communications in 1966 were absolutely slower than they are today, it is not at all hasty that official account of Disney’s afterlife did not ability the accessible until a few hours later.

Mosley’s added statements, about Disney’s burying and cremation, are aloof added examples of awkward analysis on his part. Disney was not cremated until two canicule afterwards his death; no columnist advertisement bogus “hours afterwards he was declared dead” claimed that he had already been cremated.

o “The account of Disney’s annihilation was never formally announced.”

This account is both inaccurate and irrelevant. The account of Disney’s afterlife was initially appear as actuality “acute circulatory collapse,” which meant artlessly that his affection had chock-full beating. As accomplished as the official advertisement may assume to those who apperceive he “really” died of lung cancer, it does reflect the almost account of his death. This angle is borne out by the official afterlife certificate, which lists “cardiac arrest” as the primary account of death. The actuality that blight was what acquired Disney’s affection to accord out was, medically, of accessory importance.

Official statements arise to the columnist afterwards Disney’s anaplasty (and afore his death) had already appear that a bump had been found, necessitating the abatement of a lung. Whether declared “officially” or not, it was absolutely bright to the accessible that Disney had died of lung cancer. In any case, what accessible aberration could it accept bogus what Walt Disney died of? How could ambiguous about the “real” account of his afterlife possibly accept facilitated the ambition of secretly autumn his anatomy in a cryonic chamber?

o “Disney’s burying casework were captivated in secret.”

Disney’s burying was not “secret”; rather, it was private, conducted bound and agilely at the Little Church of the Flowers in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale at 5:00 PM on Friday, December 16 (the day afterwards his death). No advertisement of the burying was bogus until afterwards it had taken place, no assembly or admiral from Disney Studios were invited, and alone actual ancestors assembly were in attendance. Forest Lawn admiral banned to acknowledge any capacity of the burying or disposition of the body, advertence alone that “Mr. Disney’s wishes were actual specific and had been spelled out in abundant detail.”.

None of this aloofness surrounding Disney’s burying should be the atomic bit hasty to anyone, however. The adventures The Adventure of Walt Disney (essentially an adventures in which Disney’s own words and thoughts were attributed to his babe Diane), accounting a decade afore Disney’s death, acclaimed that:

[Walt] never goes to a burying if he can advice it. If he had to go to one it plunges him into a absent-mindedness which lasts for hours afterwards he’s home. At such times he says, ‘When I’m asleep I don’t appetite a funeral. I appetite bodies to bethink me alive.’”

Is it so arresting that a man who had an abhorrence to funerals — and who had declared a ten years beforehand that he didn’t appetite a accessible burying — was beatific off with a actual quick and actual clandestine ceremony? If the aloofness of the burying had been advised to awning up the actuality that Disney’s anatomy had already been deposited in aqueous nitrogen at a abstruse facility, there were absolutely better, beneath accessible means of accomplishing the deception: Disney could accept been accustomed a simple closed-casket ceremony, with cipher the wiser.

o “Disney defined the accessible was never to be told the area of his grave.”

Again, this affirmation is bottomless by any absolute advice and is not the atomic bit extraordinary. It is accurate that admiral at Forest Lawn Memorial Esplanade will not admit the area of the Disney ancestors plot. Abounding celebrities do appeal that the locations of their burying plots not be accustomed out to visitors as a simple amount of privacy. The burying sites are not advised to be “secret,” however; if they were, they wouldn’t be apparent and amid on publicly-accessible grounds.

Disney’s artifice was not, as Mosley claimed, “already abounding with ancestors ashes from which the accessible would consistently be barred.” Disney’s artifice is far from obtrusive, but it is amid in an complete allotment of the esplanade and apparent with a applique anecdotic its occupants; anyone who so desires is altogether chargeless to visit, leave flowers, booty photographs, etc. The artifice was absolutely not “already abounding with ancestors ashes” at the time of Disney’s interment, as for abounding it captivated the charcoal of alone one added person: Ron Brown, a son-in-law who died the year afterwards Disney did. In fact, according to the book Wills of the Rich and Famous, the burying acreage was not alike called until September 19, 1967, authoritative it rather difficult to accept that it could accept been “already abounding with ancestors ashes.”

If Disney was not absolutely frozen, again how and aback did this rumor originate? The exact origins of the rumor are unknown, but at atomic one Disney arranger has appropriate that the adventure was started by a accumulation of Disney Flat animators who “had a camp faculty of humor.” The ancient accepted printed adaptation of the rumor appeared in the annual Ici Paris in 1969.

Even if the origins of the adventure are unknown, it is absolutely accessible to see why the rumor is so believable. In the years anon above-mentioned his death, Disney was complex in a cardinal of projects which anchored his angel as a abstruse innovator in the public’s mind. Disneyland attractions such as the monorail, the House of the Future, the Voyage to the Moon; the addition of audio-animatronic abstracts at the 1964 World’s Fair, and Disney’s affairs for his “community of tomorrow” (EPCOT) in Florida bogus it accessible to accept Walt Disney was advanced of anybody abroad in his planning, alike aback it came to his death. Aback you accede that the aboriginal cryonic abeyance took abode aloof a ages afterwards Disney’s afterlife (Dr. James Bedford, a 73-year-old analyst from Glendale, was abeyant on January 12, 1967), it’s not so adopted to brainstorm that Disney ability accept bogus agnate arrangements.

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