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CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Reuters) – On Broadhurst Cona’s fifth night in the COVID-19 breadth of Cape Town’s Groote Schuur Hospital, the accommodating in the bed abutting to him was giving up.

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes | Life Quotes In Xhosa

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes | Life Quotes In Xhosa

The man absorbed his own throat in agitation as he choked, and he kept affairs off his oxygen mask. Cona pleaded with him to put it aback on, but the man was above listening.

Early the abutting morning, Cona awoke to a commotion. The man’s bed was empty, and nurses in careful accouterment were spraying it bottomward with disinfectant. He was closed in a beige-coloured anatomy bag, and it took four bodies to lift him abroad to a access arch to the lift.

Cona didn’t apperceive it yet, because his accompaniment had been too ailing to allege and his face unrecognisable with pain, but he had apparent this man abounding times before, as an adversary on the rugby field.

The two had played in battling Atramentous neighbourhood teams beneath apartheid’s ancestral allegory laws in the backward 1960s. Cona had gone on to attempt in all-embracing amateur with South Africa’s Blacks-only aggregation over the afterward decade. He played adjoin England, France and New Zealand’s vaunted civic team, and additionally toured Italy.

He was aggressive in a action that, to many, had become a attribute of Afrikaner ascendancy of the country’s majority Blacks, but it was a bold that his ample anatomy and assurance were fabricated for.

The asleep man, Phakamile Maqhasho, had never fabricated it above bigoted rugby, but the two had kept in touch. Cona had aftermost apparent him at the burial of a alternate rugby acquaintance four years back. Cona alone realised it was him in the bed abutting to him aback a acquaintance beatific him a archetype of his obituary in a bounded Xhosa-language association cardboard some canicule later.

Now Maqhasho’s burial would be next, and Cona acquainted like he had witnessed what his own afterlife from COVID-19 ability be like. Would he anytime afresh see his babe and abnormally his son, who lived on the added ancillary of the country?

“I could be next,” he anticipation to himself, and abiding enough, aural 24 hours, the 72-year-old’s own action had badly worsened, and he was asthmatic for breath.

For decades, he had survived all the indignities that South Africa’s ageism arrangement could bandy at a Atramentous man: the bulldozing of his adolescence home; his move to a Atramentous township; a racist law that forbade him from arena rugby on South Africa’s all-white civic team, the Springboks, admitting his talent.

Wheezing in his hospital bed, Cona fabricated a vow. “I can’t accept appear this far to be dead by a virus. There’s no celebrity if I die in my sleep,” he would afterwards recount. “Let me die fighting, on my feet, rather than in my bed.”

That night, afterwards almost four hours of sleep, Cona got up and started accomplishing active exercise: push-ups, chin-ups, jogging about the ward, alike adumbration action – with the atypical coronavirus as his airy opponent. His anatomy was abundant as advance and his chest acquainted like it was about to backfire with pain, but he aloof kept on training.

The nurses apprenticed him to rest, lest he abuse himself falling, and he affably declined.

He was activity to action this one out.

Cona had apparent rugby by accident, afterwards the South African government austere his ancestors home.

He was 6 months old when, in May 1948, the Afrikaner Nationalist Party apery the birth of Dutch settlers came to ability – and set about implementing its eyes of an ageism state, solidifying decades of racially abominable behavior alien by South Africa’s British above colonial masters.

Two years later, the government anesthetized what would be one of the best hated laws of the era: the Group Areas Act, which approved to accumulate the contest afar by demarcating neighbourhoods breadth anniversary was accustomed to live.

They affective all the best neighbourhoods for the white minority, forcibly relocating Atramentous and coloured – as mixed-race citizens are alleged actuality – bodies into beneath adorable areas. Cona was a jailbait aback his family, who lived in arresting bank Simon’s Town, were uprooted to the belt of Gugulethu.

“I still say that was the best abhorrent legislation of the ageism era. Because it destroyed the fibre of the community,” Cona told Reuters at his babe Kholiswa’s abode in the Atramentous belt of Langa, whose accurate rows of bungalows congenital by the ageism administration are now corrective in bouncy colours that ahead were forbidden.

Ironically, the affected alteration set him on a aisle that would become his life’s passion. There was no rugby aggregation in Simon’s Town, and Cona had alone anytime played soccer, which has consistently been the added accepted action with the country’s Atramentous majority.

When he was 22, he abutting a soccer aggregation in Gugulethu. In one match, he played adjoin a aggregation whose players included Norman Mbiko, who additionally happened to be a drillmaster of a rugby team, the Flying Eagles, in the adjacent belt of Nyanga. Mbiko would afterwards anamnesis acquainted the chunky amateur who accumulated a baking clip with a Herculean upper-body strength.

“I could see he’d be acceptable at rugby,” Mbiko told Reuters in an account at his spotless red-brick home, whose wood-panelled autogenous was adorned with aggregation photos and bi-weekly cuttings featuring him from his rugby days. “He was so fast for his big size.”

So in 1969, Mbiko and addition sports acquaintance abiding Cona to alpha arena rugby. Aural a year, Cona had accustomed himself as a able tighthead prop – one of the two positions in the advanced row of the scrum that are usually aloof for the team’s heaviest players – and rose up to comedy for the racially absolute Atramentous Western Arena team.

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes

Funny Quotes Gallery: Funny Xhosa Picture Quotes | Life Quotes In Xhosa

Resources were scant. The angle was mostly dirt, and they had none of the accessories the white clubs enjoyed, such as gyms or scrummaging machines. There was no alteration allowance at Nyanga; they ill-fitted up in the open.

Despite the challenges, in 1972 Cona and Mbiko were alleged for the civic Atramentous rugby squad, the Leopards, with Mbiko as captain. Cona became accepted in rugby circles as “Broadness,” allotment answer on his size, allotment the aftereffect of a aberration on his “dompas” – the passes Blacks were appropriate to backpack every time they entered a white area.

But it wasn’t until 28 years later, continued afterwards they’d both retired and six years afterwards South Africa had transitioned to capitalism with a acclaimed acclamation that brought Nelson Mandela to power, that their addition to the action would assuredly be recognised.

In 2000, the two men accustomed the affair they continued had been denied during the ageism era: the coveted blooming and gold blazers of the aggregation that had for decades been the branch of white players alone, the Springboks. Balfour Ngconde, the sports abbot beneath Mandela who had fought for the belated honor, bestowed the blazers on the men.

“We were so excited. We had consistently been admiring to be on one platform, not abstracted ones,” Cona said. But it was brave with bitterness.

“While we were assortment afterwards, some of the guys said, ‘It’s alone a blazer, it’s meaningless.’ And we all agreed. Because the whites who played are affluent now, but we had nothing.”


On a ablaze day in September, Cona surveyed the area of his old club in Nyanga, aloof bottomward the alley from Mbiko’s house. He best up a rugby brawl and jogged about the muddy, balding angle practising some copy passes, his circumscribed white beard aflame in the sun. He somehow managed not to asperse his bright atramentous covering shoes and aphotic clothing trousers.

His big anatomy had put on weight about the middle, but he was acutely still angry fit.

Mphakamisi Zali, 24, who plays for the club, abutting his longtime hero, and they anesthetized the brawl amid them.

“It’s nice to accept a fable like him aback on our [rugby] pitch,” Zali said. “I don’t anticipate he anytime got the acceptance he deserves.”

Black South Africans’ accord with rugby has continued been fraught. Such was the acerbity of the country’s white rugby establishment, belt crowds would acclamation the Springboks’ opponents – “we capital anyone but them to win,” Cona said. A agent for SA Rugby, the sport’s accepted administering body, beneath to animadversion on its apartheid-era predecessor.

When Cona was arena aback in the 1970s and aboriginal 1980s, bout cancellations and all-embracing boycotts of the racially absolute South African teams were mounting. Aback home, anti-apartheid protests were erupting beyond the country.

Morne du Plessis, a Springbok brilliant from that era who would afterwards comedy with Cona in a veterans aggregation afterwards ageism ended, gives an abstraction of the conflicted animosity of some players at that time.

“That was the acme of your rugby achievement, to be a Springbok, admitting in a disconnected country,” Du Plessis, who was captain of the civic team, told Reuters by telephone.

As all-embracing protests aggregate steam, he said abounding players were affected to reflect on the arrangement in which they had been indoctrinated. “For abounding of us, it was a realisation that this couldn’t go on.”

In an accomplishment to appease accessible opinion, the rugby lath that absolute the players started authoritative baby concessions to non-racial sport.

In 1976, it created a alloyed aggregation – not the official one – to comedy the visiting New Zealand aggregation in Cape Town. Cona participated.

He aggregate a auberge allowance with two of his white teammates, Springbok stars Moaner van Heerden and Richard Prentis. Cona remembers that they joked and laughed like equals, and talked endlessly of their passion: rugby.

Though they set abreast ancestral tensions, Cona had started to advance a beginning acerbity of how ageism had consistently denied him the opportunities his white colleagues had had.

“It was the aforementioned adventure every time. I was denied an opportunity,” he said of actuality clumsy to comedy for the Springboks. “I’m not adage I’m a superstar, but aback I watch the rugby now, I can see I’m bigger than some of the guys who are actuality alleged in my position.”

Such was the case with all sports, but in rugby the bigotry was worsened by the cool acumen of rugby as a “white” sport, said Hendrik Snyders, a sports historian at the Civic Museum in Bloemfontein.

“In reality, the bold in Atramentous communities – both African and coloured – dates aback to the backward 1890s,” he said. “There’s a accomplished band of actual able players like Broadness.”


South Africa has suffered, so far, the affliction COVID-19 communicable in Africa – with added than 685,000 cases and over 17,000 deaths.

The virus brought the country’s abiding problems into aciculate relief: The acute inequalities in bread-and-butter befalling accustomed beneath ageism accept absolutely worsened in the quarter-century aback it ended, according to All-embracing Monetary Fund data. Healthcare is a abrupt action in South Africa, with a world-class clandestine arrangement for those who can allow it, and an overburdened accessible one for the mostly Atramentous citizens who cannot.

Cona’s accompany and ancestors abiding him to go to hospital to get a COVID-19 analysis on May 15, 2020, aback Cape Town was at the affection of South Africa’s epidemic.

He was ill, he couldn’t eat, and he struggled to walk. His daughter, Kholiswa, and a acquaintance of his took him to a bloom centre in the friend’s car, breadth he activated negative, but his breath was bad and he had above-mentioned aerial claret pressure. They referred him to addition dispensary for a additional analysis the afterward day.

The night he activated positive, Cona was transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital, one of South Africa’s best accessible hospitals, which in 1967 had completed the world’s aboriginal human-to-human affection transplant. Though the hospital was beneath ache with COVID-19 cases at the time, it was arresting bigger than abounding accessible hospitals at the epidemic’s peak.

When Kholiswa got the account of her father’s result, she alleged her beforehand brother, Morgan, who had confused to Queenstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, and they ruminated on the worst.

“I cried the accomplished night. He’s 73, it was the time aback everybody was activity to hospital, it was the peak,” Kholiswa said. “He’s got an basal condition. The aged were dying. I thought, ‘No, he’s gone.’”

But Cona wasn’t giving up.

“I told the nurse: ‘All these years I’ve been arena rugby and bodies were arrest me, and generally I didn’t fall. No one is arrest me now: I am NOT activity to fall.’”

Finally, afterwards canicule of banishment himself out of his hospital bed on his training regime, Cona started to feel bigger about the alpha of June. He could feel the oxygen abiding to his lungs, and he acquainted bigger and added vital. Three weeks afterwards actuality admitted, a absolutely recovered Cona went for a aftermost medical assay afore actuality transferred to a apprehension facility.

“You’re a fighter,” the doctor analytical him said.

The day afterwards he accustomed at his apprehension hotel, he got a affable surprise: Morgan had travelled from Queenstown with his wife, Joyce, and Kholiswa to acceptable him out. They weren’t accustomed in, but Cona’s balustrade had a appearance of the parking lot abutting to the auberge beach, and he could see Morgan and beachcomber while talking to him on his phone.

“You are actual advantageous to see me, because there are no visitors,” he told Morgan. “I’m actual blessed about that,” came the acknowledgment bottomward the buzz line.

On a contempo day, Cona went for a appointment at Mbiko’s house. Age has taken its assessment on the 75-year-old. He has Parkinson’s and needs a ambler to move around, but he’s still proudly cutting a Springbok jersey. They abide abutting friends.

Mbiko had fabricated absolutely a career for himself as a drillmaster afterwards retiring, including on the apprenticeship aggregation for the allegorical 1995 Rugby World Cup. South Africa won the cup at home, in advanced of a huge army of Atramentous and white South Africans, all agreeable for the Springboks. Du Plessis, by again retired from playing, was the manager.

In the game, acclaimed in the 2009 cine “Invictus,” starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, the Springboks overcame acutely absurd allowance in assault the world-leading New Zealand team.

In what was broadly apparent as one of Mandela’s best accumulation gestures afterwards actuality adopted admiral a year earlier, at the bold he donned the Springbok jersey, which until again had been associated amid Blacks with ageism oppressors who’d confined him for 27 years.

The aggregation had alone one non-white player, Chester Williams.

Cona and his rugby accompany watched the bold alive on TV at Mbiko’s house, a allotment of which doubles up as a tavern. Cona remembers best bodies initially auspicious for the New Zealand team, but at some point the camera cut to Mandela in his blooming jersey. Someone said, “Hey, let’s do it for the old man,” he recalled, and aural account the accomplished alehouse was absolutely abaft the Springboks.

For then-Springbok captain Francois Pienaar, it wasn’t until the bold was over that he realised the acceptation of the victory.

“It was insane,” he told Reuters in a buzz interview. “We didn’t realise the appulse it would have. Twenty-five years later, I still anticipate to myself how advantageous we were … to arrange our country like that.”

After a abrupt amusement aeon afterward the World Cup final, disillusionment apace set in amid Cape Town’s Atramentous rugby players. Decades of apartheid-era carelessness was activity to booty a lot of money to fix, and the government had added priorities besides rugby.

In an accomplishment to about-face segregation, teams from Atramentous townships were appropriate to comedy teams in richer, mostly white areas, and carnality versa. But they had no assets to attempt – they were still practicing on poor fields with no equipment.

Pienaar said the bliss in the deathwatch of the World Cup win “put too abundant pressure” on South Africa to bound fix its accepted problems.

Most of the players couldn’t alike allow the bus fares to biking to these absent stadiums, Cona said. Although rugby, like life, in South Africa was no best accurately segregated, best burghal Blacks remained too poor to alive anywhere abroad but in their townships. All the best Atramentous aptitude apace alone the belt teams to accompany the better-resourced clubs. Aural a few years, best of the clubs that had aboriginal stoked Cona’s affection for the action had either burst or been alloyed into one megaclub.

“We accepted in our townships we would accept the aforementioned accessories like those in the white areas, but that never happened,” Cona said. “Our fields are still the aforementioned fields like afore the unity. We knew it wouldn’t be overnight, but it’s been years now.”

Andy Colquhoun, agent for SA Rugby, said, “We accept learnt that the abstraction of any South African antic alliance actuality able to actualize a mass-participation activity that alcove every association is impossible.”

He added, “It’s a sad actuality that alone a boyhood of South Africa’s 25,000 schools accommodate any affectionate of action to their learners, and we apperceive that Springboks are fabricated in schools.”

He acicular with pride to the grass-roots affairs alleged Get Into Rugby, but added: “With 170,000 accouchement accommodating in a accustomed year, we apperceive it is aloof abrading the surface. But we’d charge hundreds of millions of rands to ability everyone,” compared with a accepted outlay of added than 50 actor rand ($3 million) a year.

Last year, South Africa won the Rugby World Cup final for a third time, with its aboriginal Atramentous captain, Siya Kolisi – who grew up in a belt abreast Port Elizabeth and generally went to bed athirst as a adolescent – accepting the trophy.

“These are things you never anticipation you would see in South Africa,” Cona said. “We were so excited; it tells us we are branch in the appropriate direction.”

Still, abounding affiliation in rugby, as in association as a whole, charcoal mostly an aspiration. The country is three-quarters Atramentous and about 10% coloured, but aloof 11 non-white players were allotment of the 31-man band in the World Cup tournament.

On June 13, a Saturday, Cona accustomed home to Gugulethu to a hero’s welcome, organised by his bounded walkers’ club. He was overjoyed. Afterwards the celebrations, at 9 p.m. that evening, his son, Morgan called: He’d aloof activated absolute for the coronavirus.

Like his father, Morgan had aerial claret pressure, but Cona wasn’t worried: If an old man like him could survive, his son should be fine. The dispensary had alike beatific him home to self-isolate, absolute that his case was mild.

On Sunday, Cona phoned him back. Morgan’s wife, Joyce, best up the buzz and said he was too ill to appear to the phone.

On Monday, Morgan phoned Cona to say he was accepting worse. He articulate awful: He was disturbing to breathe and adversity headaches. Later, Joyce alleged to say Morgan had been accepted to a clandestine hospital in Queenstown, as a precaution, although his temperature was aback to accustomed and he seemed on the aisle to recovery.

On Tuesday morning at 4:45 a.m., Cona was at Kholiswa’s abode aback Joyce alleged Kholiswa’s mobile. Cona approached, afraid for account on Morgan. “I knew article was wrong. Joyce was crying.”

Seconds anesthetized afore Joyce delivered the news: Morgan had died overnight.

“That was the sad part,” he said. He confused his boring to the window and didn’t allege for a continued moment.

Then, finally, he said: “Morgan was so afraid about me aback I was in the hospital. But in the end, I was fine. I won the battle.” Addition pause. “He didn’t.”

Reporting by Tim Cocks; alteration by Kari Howard. Additional advertisement by Mark Gleeson.

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