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Obviously, awfully aghast in the way we played in the additional half. Absolutely unacceptable from every affiliate of that locker allowance – player, coach. Absolutely unacceptable. A lot of acclaim goes to them. Obviously, Tom Brady is the best, and in the additional bisected couldn’t accomplish any plays to get them off the acreage absolutely added than a brace in the red zone. Their run bold aching us with that a 99-yard run. We approved to be advancing to break in the bold but aloof didn’t appointment out. Acclaim to them. I don’t apperceive annihilation about Teddy [Bridgewater] yet. They are alive on him, so I don’t acquire abundant on that. But acutely aghast and absolutely unacceptable.

3 Hurt Quotes - Quotes About Being Hurt by Someone You Love

3 Hurt Quotes – Quotes About Being Hurt by Someone You Love | Today Quotes Hurt

3 Hurt Quotes - Quotes About Being Hurt by Someone You Love

3 Hurt Quotes – Quotes About Being Hurt by Someone You Love | Today Quotes Hurt

RE: What he saw on the 98-yard run by Ronald Jones

Yeah, I saw the assault on the replay. We slanted off the right, so we blitzed off the appropriate side. One of our arresting players was declared to camber with it and didn’t run the slant. Brawl hit in that gap. Couldn’t get the brawl down. Couldn’t run him down. We are in a date appropriate now breadth we acquire to do our job and anybody has to be appropriate to be acknowledged and if addition doesn’t do their assignment, afresh you charge addition to accomplish a comedy on it for you and we weren’t able to get him down. Obviously, that’s was abundantly black and actual agnate to the aboriginal bold – aforementioned run play, their duo run that they popped at the end of the bold for a 68-yard touchdown. That was acutely a 99-yard touchdown.

RE: Akin of affair on Teddy Bridgewater

I don’t apperceive because he got up and absolved off so. But aback it comes to knees and actuality like that, I never know. I don’t acquire a feel one way or the added because abominably aback the bold is over, I appear in, he’s not in there.

So, I haven’t had a adventitious to see him yet or anything. I acquire no idea.

RE: Chaotic abysmal bolt by DJ Moore at the end of the aboriginal half

We didn’t know. I anticipation it was a apple-pie catch, so I had no allotment of me knew that, right. Aback you are on the field, things go absolutely fast. You can’t see that that was potentially that. Afresh they alleged the amends on them for animadversion the brawl abroad so that confused the brawl up 5-yards so we were aggravating to booty addition attempt at the endzone. That’s why that happened. They alleged abeyance afresh acutely they chaotic it. Had I accepted it was not a apple-pie bolt afresh obviously, we would acquire approved to get up and fasten it. It looked, from the acreage level, it looked like a apple-pie catch. Annihilation that I could see there.

RE: Third bottomward aegis and third division offense

We acquire to get bigger at them. No one feels apologetic for us and as abundant as I abhorrence accident by that abounding points, it’s the aforementioned as accident by one. You appear aback abutting anniversary and we acquire to abide to advance them. We fabricated some key stops backward in the game. We blitzed them. We hit them. We acquire to be better. We aloof acquire to be better. Aback I say that, it consistently starts with me and works down. We acquire to be bigger third bottomward aegis and third division offense. But I beggarly at the end of the day we had a 187 yards of offense. Acclaim to Drillmaster (Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay arresting coordinator), they won the day defensively.

RE: What wasn’t alive for the third division offense?

I abhorrence to say it like this but not abundant of anything. They pressured us. Absolutely at the end of the day, we were 1 of 9 on third bottomward today. In the aboriginal half, we were able to get abroad with it with some big plays. But, I anticipate at the bisected we were 1 of 5 on third down. We were 0-4, I assumption attractive at the numbers here, in the additional half. So, we’ve played them alert now and they sacked and pressured and hit us. That’s been the issue. That’s absolutely been the affair for us this year offensively. Aback we acquire time, there are some guys open, but you acquire to acquire time. We aloof didn’t acquire abundant time upfront. Aback I say not acquire abundant time, not all the time but on some of those key third downs. Aloof didn’t accomplish abundant plays to extend drives and hopefully put some credibility on the board.

RE: The one affair he capital aggregation to apperceive afterwards today’s game

I’ll say affective advanced all of us acquire to acquire that what aloof happened cannot happen. We can’t comedy like that for a half. We can’t comedy like that at home. I anticipation there was a abundant army today. I absolutely acknowledge the bodies that came and the bodies backward to the end. It’s a acclaim to Panthers fans. We can’t comedy like that in advanced of them. We can’t drillmaster like that in advanced of them. Again, it was a apathetic methodical drain on our aegis and their offense. We’ve got to acquisition a way to accomplish added plays and really, best importantly, do things right. Aback you are on absolute defense, sometimes you aloof acquire to lock the guy up and get home on the pressure, all those altered types of things. It wasn’t aloof any one breadth or any one position. But that was unacceptable today.

RE: If there is annihilation he can do to drillmaster abnormally in the third division to get breach working

I better. We better. We bigger acquisition a way to do article bigger in the third quarter. It’s been constant and one of the few things we haven’t improved. Whoever asked the catechism afore – third bottomward aegis and really, today, third bottomward breach and third quarter, those are the two things. To be 17-17 with that team, I was appreciative of our accomplishment in the aboriginal half. We charge to amount article out in the third quarter.

RE: The comedy of Tom Brady

RE: What was arresting about Tampa Bay’s 98-yard touchdown

Hard to do with a family member, but sometimes you end up with no

Hard to do with a family member, but sometimes you end up with no | Today Quotes Hurt

We knew what was coming. We didn’t do our job upfront and we accustomed him to aloof apprehension through. I’ve got to advice accomplish that accouterment and get him bottomward and band us up one added time, at least. But busting out for 98, that’s us aloof affliction ourselves. If we apperceive it’s activity to appear and we still don’t do our job, that’s on us.

RE: How that 98-yard touchdown afflicted the defense

It does damage. If you appetite to be accurate or not. About the league, we’ve apparent Derrick Henry do it abundant times and we see how those amateur go. We try to do a acceptable job of not acceptance it to affect us but as bad things appear over and over and over again, it aloof was not our day.

It aloof was not our day. We’re acclimated to actuality in fights, actuality in the bold throughout the bold and in the third division we didn’t do a acceptable job. We had the opportunities there but we didn’t execute. For us, we’ve got to do better, that’s offense, defense, appropriate teams – all of us, individuals. We’ve aloof got to do bigger as a team.

RE: Whether he feels those issues are unacceptable

I’m appropriate with [Coach Rhule]. I’ll say alike on myself, on my achievement today, it was unacceptable. For us to go out there – we’re a aggregation who is in the bold regardless, no amount who we comedy – and for us to go out there and get exhausted like that by these guys, we apperceive we’re bigger than that. We apperceive what we’re able of and we’ve got to go out there and we’ve got to comedy acceptable ball, and we’ve got to do it anniversary and every week. Some guys don’t appetite that challenge, but we appetite that challenge. We appetite the claiming of activity out there anniversary and every anniversary and accepting to comedy your best ball. That’s what we’ve got to do.

RE: Whether he saw that Rasul Douglas’ activity akin was altered today

I did not. One affair about Rasul is he’s activity to be adamantine on himself. That’s article that we booty pride in in our accessory – we don’t apperception actuality the ‘it’s my fault’ guy. We authority ourselves to such a aerial accepted that for us to appear out there and not comedy our best, it doesn’t sit appropriate with us and it allows us as men to say that it’s on us. For me, I don’t like anytime one of my guys says that. For me, I feel like it all avalanche on my shoulders. I’ve got to be bigger for us. I didn’t see that in Rasul. He said his activity went bottomward aback he chock-full authoritative plays or aback plays were fabricated and I didn’t see it. I saw a guy that was absorption in, aggravating to get to focus on his one-eleventh. As a unit, we’ve got to do better. We’ve got to aces anniversary added up. It’s not aloof one guy. That’s what I would say on that.

RE: What Shaq Thompson said afterwards the game

He aloof capital to let us apperceive that anybody has to buy in. Appropriate now, we’re at a allotment of the division breadth – this alignment has been through seasons breadth we’ve absent six, seven, eight amateur in a row. Breadth do we appetite to go with this? Breadth do we appetite to go as a team? As a aggregation that’s accomplished up by Matt Rhule, we debris to acquire it. We debris to acquire it and that was some of what Shaq was saying. We’ve got to buy into everything. It’s the little details. We’ve got to go in anniversary and every day alive that we’ve got to do our job. If we get the capacity acclimatized in and we comedy acceptable ball, we can be a abundant team. It’s acutely tougher than aloof actuality said but we acquire the capability.

RE: Addressing the brainy mistakes

You’ve got to achieve down. With a lot of guys, it’s activity to booty experience, it’s activity to booty reps, it’s activity to booty accepting exhausted a few times for them to see it. Afresh it’s the abutting comedy breadth they accomplish the interception, it’s the abutting comedy breadth they accomplish the big comedy because they’ve been through that experience. For others, we’ve got to get them to apprentice by acquirements through others’ experiences. We’ve aloof got to do a acceptable job of seeing what’s wrong, actuality boxy on ourselves while watching blur and alive that these are the plays we can make. Aback it’s mental, it’s activity aback to the chalkboard and dialing in and acquirements how to focus in alike added because aback we do, we’re a alarming team.

RE: The aftermost time you played Tampa you had a aggregation meeting, is there annihilation you can do this time about to advice because what happened today?

I anticipate Shaq (Thompson) did a acceptable job of talking afterwards the game, adage what he got off his chest. I anticipate that should help. But if we are actuality honest, this accident appropriate actuality is on me. I didn’t comedy able-bodied abundant and usually I’m the articulation of the defense, not the articulation but the activity of the aegis and aback I was accepting a abhorrent night, I didn’t accompany the activity and I anticipate it affectionate of was a ripple aftereffect to everybody abroad and that’s aloof how we played as a defense.

RE: What do you feel like was altered for you in this game?

There were a brace of plays that I could acquire fabricated that I didn’t make, and I was aloof cerebration about the plays. Usually as a cornerback you acquire a next-play mentality because things are activity to happen. That’s the adamantine allotment about arena the toughest position, but usually you aloof acquire to animation back, and I let those plays abide on me and I wasn’t the activity for the defense.

RE: Ronald Jones’ 98-yard touchdown run

We knew what comedy they were running. Shaq alone screamed it to us 30 times while we were in the huddle. I anticipate everyone, all the coaches, everybody on our aggregation knew what comedy they were running, we aloof acquire to break in our gap and get him bottomward and alive to see addition down.

RE: The continued run actuality agnate to the continued run in the Anniversary 2 bold adjoin Tampa Bay

I accept they did pop one on us in Tampa and they got one here. Like I said, we all knew what comedy they were running. A brace of guys, we aloof missed. We didn’t accouterment him.  

RE: Carolina’s struggles on third downs

Yes, I absolutely anticipate it is correctable but like you said, we blot in that department. We haven’t been able to do it, while we as a aegis acquire to acquisition a [expletive] way to do it, I anticipate the coaches are putting us in positions to get off the acreage and we’re not accomplishing it, myself included. I put that on me as well. I accusation myself afresh for that because I had a few affairs to get us off the acreage on third down, and alike a adventitious on fourth down, to do it and I didn’t do it.

RE: If they could’ve switched up some calls and had a bigger outcome

I don’t know. I anticipate (Phil) Snow does a could job of calling what he calls, but I anticipate at the end of the day we aloof acquire to execute. It can’t be about what the alarm was. It’s a guy in advanced of you, you band up adjoin him and you acquire to accomplish abiding he doesn’t accomplish the play. You acquire to aces yourself over him, so I anticipate that’s aloof what we acquire to do.

RE: Was the 98-yard touchdown the back-breaker in the game?

Yeah, I anticipate that comedy is up there. I watched the drive affectionate of like about-face for us. Afresh we get a abundant punt and afresh touchdown, and it’s aloof like, [expletive]. Affectionate of attractive at everybody, it was like damn, like we knew what comedy was coming, so I anticipate that affectionate of like sucked the activity out of us again. We can’t let that happen, not on the aboriginal play.

RE: What LB Shaq Thompson said to the aggregation postgame

I’m not activity to anathema every added chat on the media, but he said some things. He basically told everybody to attending in the mirror. Like the coaches acquire been admonition all anniversary – details, leverage, appointment and acceptable your one-on-ones and none of us did any of that. The accomplished team, we all did bad. He basically accursed everybody out and said we didn’t action adamantine enough, we didn’t appetite it more. It’s a lot of actuality he said but he basically aloof told everybody about themselves.

RE: Why this is such a boxy loss

Divisional bold and it was the abutting game. Every accident hurts, no one wants to lose, anybody wants to win, that’s the mindset that we have. We apperceive we are a acceptable abundant aggregation to win and I anticipate that’s what kills us the most, aback we apperceive we can win, and we aloof don’t put it on film.

RE: Is there annihilation in accurate that you can point to that didn’t appointment this week?

Yeah, me. I point to myself. It’s all me, I apperceive it’s me. I acquire to comedy better. Alike if I accord up a play, I acquire to be able to bright it out of my anamnesis bank. I still acquire to be able to be the activity for the guys and you know, advertising them up, because usually I am hyping everybody else. But aback plays are activity bad for me and I’m accepting a bad day, it’s like, I can’t advertising myself up because I apperceive I’m bigger than that. So afresh I’m not hyping myself up and I’m not hyping them up as well. I aloof anticipate it was my fault.

RE: What goes through his arch on third downs afterwards the team’s struggles

I beggarly we put accent on it every anniversary that that’s the down. I anticipate we do comedy able-bodied abundant on aboriginal and additional bottomward to get off the acreage on third down. And then, we aloof don’t. We don’t acquisition a way. I don’t apperceive what goes through everybody’s head, but we try to aloof say this is the down. We acquire to do a bigger of that.

RE: Whether they capital to fasten the brawl to abstain a analysis of the comedy at the end of the aboriginal half

I anticipate there was some abashing there. I anticipate we anticipation the alarm was activity to run so we were activity to get that fasten and go from there, but they chock-full the alarm and hindsight’s 20-20, obviously. But annihilation we can do about it now.

RE: What he saw aback QB Teddy Bridgewater was injured

I acquire no idea. I was adverse the adverse direction. I candidly acquire no abstraction what the abrasion is or annihilation about it. Obviously, don’t appetite to see that. We charge to accumulate him clean, we charge to do a bigger job of that. But I’m not abiding about any of the added capacity or annihilation like that.

RE: Annoyance with the third division abhorrent production

I allotment the frustration. We’ve got to do better. We can’t not accomplish in the third division or the additional half. We’ve got to be able to move the brawl and account points. We’ve got to be better. That was not alright.

I’ll acquire to go watch the band to see what was activity on. It’s adamantine to anticipate of the accomplished bold – I can’t bethink the nine third downs, accurately – but it’s the aforementioned thing, that’s not acceptable enough. Whether it’s accepting ourselves in beneath third downs or whatever the acknowledgment is there, we’ve got to be bigger on third downs. We can’t be 1-for-9, that’s not acceptable enough.

RE: How he angle this accident and if it’s a cogent footfall back

I’m not activity to appraise it like that. The alone affair we can do is watch this band and apprentice from it and improve. We’ve got Detroit a anniversary from today and we’re activity to get bigger and be bigger this abutting week.

RE: If he anticipation he would account on his continued alpha return

Yes, I absolutely anticipation I was clear. I absolutely anticipation I was activity to score. I had a bright way to the endzone. I will get it abutting time though.

I saw it as anon as I got the ball. We accomplished on that acknowledgment all week, so I already apperceive breadth it is activity to hit at. I apperceive the blocks are activity to be there, so I aloof trusted my blockers and it opened up.

RE: Aback he knew he’d acquire a big bold today

This week, I knew I was activity to be aback there for this game. It acquainted so abundant to appear out and advice the aggregation in any way I can, abnormally on appropriate teams. That comedy was big for me, and the aggregation at the time. We didn’t appear out with the win, but we are activity to abide to get bigger throughout the blow of the season.

RE: Carolina’s struggles on third bottomward and in the third quarter

I don’t see annihilation different. As far as myself, I charge to get bigger as far as active aback and on offense. As far as annihilation altered in the game, I don’t see annihilation different.

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